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Live Audio Stream

To listen to KGOU on your computer or a Web-enabled mobile device, click on one of the links in the upper right hand corner of the screen and in the window that opens, choose the audio software option installed on your computer. (Windows Media is installed on most PCs.) If you have a high-speed connection, choose the High option; choose the Low option for a dial-up connection or mobile phone.

If you receive this error message, "The streaming server cannot accept any more connections at this time," try the other option. We have a limited number of streaming connections and sometimes demand exceeds supply. 

KGOU now has high and low mobile streams for some smart phones: some Blackberry phones, iPhone, Symbian, and Android phones.

If none of these options work for you, try this media player.

Windows Mobile users can listen by first downloading the TCPMP Core Player. (It's best to install on the device, not an expansion card.) After it is installed, choose the High or Low option and select Winamp Player, then choose "open" if prompted for action. This app tends to buffer a bit before it starts playing, so a wait of up to 15 seconds is not unusual when initially loading the stream.

If you are having difficulty listening to the online stream, or to report an outage, please call (405) 325-5468 or toll-free (866) 533-2470, or try basic troubleshooting:

1. Check to make sure your computer has audio capability (sound card) and that volume is not muted.

2. Check whether audio software is installed on your computer or device, and if so, which software.

3. Check speakers to make sure they are installed and turned on.

4. Try our “port 80” link. It requires the Winamp media player; you can get a free download at

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