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Indian Times: 2008 Native Heritage Celebration Takes Place At Capital (Nov 25, 2008)
This week on Indian Times, the 2008 Native American Heritage Celebration took place on three different floors of the State Capital. As feathers and drums passed through security, excited school children could be heard throughout the capital building. The celebration began with a song from the Bear Scout Drum Group to accompany the procession or “parade in” of Oklahoma’s native school children and their elders dressed in their tribal clothes. At the head was the Riverside Indian School Color Guard, two members are pictured. See a photo gallery of the ceremonies. Opening remarks were made by Howard Hendrick, Director of the Oklahoma Department of Human Services. Host Susan Shannon speaks with Hendrick and also the chair of the Native Heritage Celebration Committee, Wilson Seawright (Chickasaw).

University of Nebraska Professor and author Bruce Johansen relates how Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson were influenced not just by ancient Greek or Roman philosophers, but also by the Iroquois Confederacy. His book is called “Benjamin Franklin, the Iroquoise and the Rationale for The American Revolution.”

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