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Indian Times: Feather Busts in Indian Country (Apr 27, 2009)
This week on Indian Times, we speak with Native American Times correspondent JoKay Dowell about the recent feather busts by federal fish and wildlife agents, and what it could mean for any Native American in possession of feathers. Dowell is a member of the Quapaw, Peoria and Cherokee Nations. She is a long-time community organizer and became concerned as news of the feather busts began to trickle in to Oklahoma via emails. (Photo by JoKay Dowell)

Monday night on OETA at 8pm, PBS will air the third episode from the series ?We Shall Remain?. Its called the Trail of Tears and tells the story of the Cherokee, and how they were removed from their lands in Georgia. Look for Oklahoma?s own Wes Studi, a member of the Cherokee Nation, playing a lead role.

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