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Indian Times: Delawares Regain Federal Recognition (Aug 10, 2009)
This week on Indian Times, the Delaware Tribe of Indians of Oklahoma is about to get its federal recognition back. Tribal member and former Chief, Curtis Zunigha (pictured), talks about the process by which the Delawares regained their tribal status.
Imprisoned American Indian activist Leonard Peltier goes up for his first ?full parole? hearing in 15 years in Lewsiburg, PA. Peltier is serving two life sentences for the murders of FBI agents on the Pine Ridge Reservation. Should he be released, the Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa have made arrangements to help him to return to society. The US Parole Commission will make a decision within the next three weeks.

August 15th the Oklahoma City Indian Clinic Contest Powwow will be held in the Cox Pavillion on the Oklahoma City State Fairgrounds. For more information call Andii Tittle at 405-948-4900 or Steve Barse at 405-446-1665.
The 34th annual Wichita Tribal Dance will be held August 13th thru August 16th at the Wichita Tribal Park 1 ? miles outside of Anadarko on Highway 281. For more information contact Stratford Williams at 405-247-2425 ext. 133 or go to

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