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Focus on the Fifth District: Democratic Congressional Candidate Bert Smith (Jul 10, 2006)
After fourteen years, Rep. Ernest Istook is leaving the US House to run for Governor. KGOU continues a series of profiles of the nine candidates running to replace Istook in Oklahomaís Fifth Congressional District. We spend the half hour with Bert Smith, a math teacher, small business owner and veteran who's running for Congress for the second time. His top issues include the war in Iraq, Medicare and care for returning veterans.
7/13 UPDATE: In the course of his interview, Bert Smith made the claim that he thought his Democratic opponent, Dr. David Hunter, was formerly a Republican. The Hunter campaign has since denied this allegation, and records from the Oklahoma Election Board have also disproven it. Confronted with evidence to the contrary, Bert Smith has retracted his statement and vowed to publicly apologize to Dr. David Hunter for misstating the facts.

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