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Union Station, the New I-40 and the Future of Mass Transit in OKC
Part III: Ask the Engineer (Mar 01, 2007)

We continue our series exploring the controversy over the I-40 Crosstown Expressway and the future of mass transit in Central Oklahoma. The Oklahoma Department of Transportation's Project Development Engineer for the Crosstown, John Bowman, joins us to review the proposed route and its impact on downtown Oklahoma City. He also responds to some criticisms of the plan.

ODOT has prepared a fact sheet contrasting the current I-40 with the proposed expressway. Note that more current figures estimate the cost of construction at $557 million. Also, see ODOT's timeline of events that led to the decision to choose the final route for the I-40 Crosstown, view a detailed, satellite map of the routes of both the old and new I-40s, and read ODOT's statement about the Crosstown's impact on Union Station and the rail corridor.

ODOT officials will hold a public meeting at the Cox Convention Center from 4 to 6pm on Thursday, March 15th to provide an update on the current status of the I-40 Crosstown construction.

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