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Union Station, the New I-40 and the Future of Mass Transit in OKC
Part VII: Examples to Follow (Feb 15, 2008)

Last week in our series, we heard from various political leaders, transit planners and commuters, who all agreed that Central Oklahoma is desperately lacking in its public transportation infrastructure. Architect Tom Shelton described some of the transit recommendations for the region included in the Oklahoma Fixed Guideway Study. This week we take a look at what three other cities in the region have done. We speak to Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper and Salt Lake City Mayor Rocky Anderson, and we take a trip south of the Red River, where Dallas-based rail consultant Garl Latham describes the success of DART Rail.


Listen to Garl Latham's thoughts about the controversy over Oklahoma City's Union Train Station rail yard.

If you missed it, listen to our previous report about what Denver and Salt Lake City did with their Union Train Stations.

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