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Oklahoma Voices: Two Experiences of Oklahoma’s First 100 Years (Sep 30, 2007)
With more than three and a half million residents, the state of Oklahoma – like all places – has throughout its history existed as a collection of diverse stories of diverse individuals. There are of course the settlers from the East who made the land run in 1889, the Native Americans forced to relocate here as the final stop on the Trail of Tears, the freed slaves who came after the Civil War and established dozens of black towns like Langston, the thousands of Vietnamese refugees whose mass migration to Oklahoma City gave birth to the Asian District after the 1975 fall of Saigon… The list could go on and on. Today we take a look at two of these disparate communities, how they’ve impacted the state and how they’ve changed over the past hundred years. First, historian Aaron Bachhofer speaks about gay and lesbian history in Oklahoma between 1889 and 1989. Then the Oklahoma Historical Society’s Executive Director Bob Blackburn discusses the history of Latinos in Oklahoma.

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