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Oklahoma Voices:
OU Bipartisan Political Forum (Jan 06, 2008)

KGOU aired live coverage of the bipartisan political forum taking place on the campus of the University of Oklahoma. OU President David Boren has convened a panel of national political leaders including New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, former New Jersey Governor Christine Todd Whitman, former Defense Secretary Bill Cohen and former Senators Chuck Hagel, Sam Nunn, Jack Danforth and Bob Graham to discuss "ways in which our nation can end divisive partisan polarization, create bipartisanship, and bring the country together after conclusion of the 2008 election." Despite assurances to the contrary, the event fueled speculation that Bloomberg may be planning an independent bid for the Presidency.

Read a full transcript of the forum, including questions from members of the media and the participantsí responses (PDF)

Download and listen to the entire forum and press conference:

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