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Oklahoma Voices:
Leadership in Trying Times (Jan 20, 2008)

Democratic Presidential Candidate John Edwards made a campaign stop at a Teamsters union hall in Oklahoma City last Friday, where he vowed to fight against special interests in Washington. OU Political Science Professor Keith Gaddie joins us to discuss a brief press conference he attended with the former North Carolina Senator earlier in the week. Then Gaddie speaks with NBC News Presidential Historian Michael Beschloss and OU Classics Professor Kyle Harper (pictured above) about the quality of a good leader and the history of how leaders have met challenges in trying times. Finally, for Martin Luther King Day, we rebroadcast a roundtable discussion first aired last month with Richard Brown, Alma Posey, Calvin Luper and Willy Johnson, Jr. They talk about their involvement in the Oklahoma City sit-ins of the late 1950s and early 1960s, which played an important role in the national Civil Rights movement.

Listen to Keith Gaddie talk about the press conference he attended with John Edwards (excerpt from full show): MP3

Listen to the complete press conference Edwards held on Tuesday, January 15th at Wiley Post Airport in Oklahoma City: MP3

Download and listen to Keith Gaddie's rountable discussion on leadership with Michael Beschloss and Kyle Harper (excerpt from full show): MP3

Read a brief history of the Civil Rights Movement in Oklahoma

Listen to this complete program:

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