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Oklahoma Voices:
Two Views on the Conflict in Iraq (Apr 06, 2008)

This week on Oklahoma Voices, we hear two perspectives on the US military occupation of Iraq. First, we get an update from the frontlines. Lt. Col. David Jordan joins us by telephone from southern Iraq, where heís just completed his second month serving with the Oklahoma National Guardís 45th Infantry Brigade.

Then University of Oklahoma International Programs Center Director Zach Messitte and Joshua Landis Ė a Professor in OUís School of International and Area Studies and an expert on the Middle East Ė speak with Larry Diamond, who worked with the Coalition Provisional Authority in the early days of the Iraq occupation. Diamond is a Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institution and has authored and edited dozens of books on the subject of democracy.

Listen to our interview with Lt. Col. David Jordan and his wife Melinda that aired in early January

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