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Oklahoma Voices: Conversations with
Senator Coburn and Congressman Cole (Jun 08, 2008)

US Representative Tom Cole has a job no one wants. As chair of the National Republican Congressional Committee, heís charged with electing members of the GOP to Congress, but after three Republican losses in once-friendly districts, heís been taking the heat from some of his colleagues. Last month Congressman Tom Davis (R-VA) wrote a letter to fellow Republicans noting the low popularity of President Bush and calling the political atmosphere for Republicans the worst since the Watergate scandal. But Cole remains hopeful. We speak with him about the campaign agenda he created to attract women and independent voters, his thoughts on the Presidential race and where his party goes from here. We also listen back to a recent town hall meeting and Q&A session Senator Tom Coburn held in Midwest City.

WEB EXTRA: Read the lengthy profile of Congressman Cole that appeared in The New York Times Magazine in March

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