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Oklahoma Voices: Climate Change
and Its Potential Impacts on Oklahoma (Jul 12, 2008)

Next time on Oklahoma Voices, we’ll hear from a variety of experts on the possible effects of climate change on the state of Oklahoma and actions being undertaken at the state level that seek to find solutions. First, former University of Oklahoma Meteorology Professor and Intergovernmental Panel of Climate Change member David Karoly (pictured above) gives us the big picture by describing the problem as it’s viewed by the majority of the world’s climatologists. Then state climatologist Dr. Ken Crawford localizes the issue with a discussion of how Oklahoma might be impacted. Finally, Oklahoma Secretary of the Environment Miles Tolbert talks about why Oklahoma needs a climate change policy.

WEB EXTRAS: Listen back to a 2007 debate between David Karoly and OU Arts and Sciences Professor / global warming skeptic David Deming on the question, “Is Global Warming Real?” MP3

Read the Oklahoma Climatological Survey’s statement on climate change and its implications for Oklahoma (PDF file)

Find out more about environmentally-friendly energy production at the National Renewable Energy Lab

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