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Oklahoma Voices: Let's Talk Transit (May 24, 2010)
Each Spring, Oklahoma City Mayor Mick Cornett brings together experts on an area of community development. On May 12 the mayor focused his development roundtable on transit. On this edition of Oklahoma Voices, KGOU brings a session on streetcars. We hear from Keith Jones, vice president and regional transit manager for URS Corporation, the man who helped Little Rock, Ark. create its modern streetcar system. Keith then joins a panel discussion with Rick Cain, director of public transportation and parking for the City of Oklahoma City; James Ellison, marketing and development Othello Partners, Inc.; and Tom McDaniel, president of Oklahoma City University. The City of Oklahoma City holds two more Let's Talk Transit public hearings on the streetcar system at 11 a.m. and 6-8 p.m. May 27 at City Hall.

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