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Osage Nationís Historical Vote (Dec 02, 2005)
KGOUís Susan Shannon attended and participated in the Osage referendum election in Pawhuska on November 19th. The vote was held to allow all Osages over the age of 18 to decide on the future government of their tribe. Previously, only Osages who were shareholders in the ďmineral estateĒ (i.e. oil & gas royalties) were allowed to vote. That left out over 85% of the tribe that lives on the reservation, a.k.a. Osage County. The Osages are the last tribe in Oklahoma to leave behind the ďallotment eraĒ style of government imposed on the tribes of Oklahoma by the US government. Guests: Osage Chief Jim Gray and tribal member Joey Allen (4:00). For more information, see

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