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Roads and Bridges: Costs to Motorists (Aug 30, 2005)
Campaigners on both sides of state question 723 are becoming more vocal as the date of the September 13th vote approaches. Opponents of the proposed 5-cent gas tax and 8-cent diesel tax note that gas prices have already hit record highs recently. They say now is the wrong time to ask drivers to pay even more at the pump. But advocates of the measure claim the added revenue the tax would generate is badly needed to fix state roads and bridges that have fallen into disrepair. Until such repairs are made, they say Oklahomans actually end up paying even more than the gas tax on extra vehicle maintenance and lost productivity. Guests: Lew Meibergen of Johnston Enterprises, a grain elevator company in Enid. He says outdated bridges with low weight limits have caused truckers picking up and dropping off loads to take lengthy detours to get to their destinations. We also speak with several OK drivers who've filed claims with ODOT for vehicle damage caused by potholes, falling concrete, etc.

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