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Remembering Comanche Code-talker Charles Chibitty (Jul 28, 2005)
Charles Chibitty was the last living Comanche Code Talker. The Comanche Code Talkers landed on the beaches of Normandy on D-Day, and they remained communicators and code talkers all during the D-Day invasion, the liberation of Paris and the Battle of The Bulge. Their messages concerned troop strength, movement and weaponry. The quick communiqués required practically no time for deciphering, as the messages were sent in their native language & immediately translated into English by the receiving code talker, and were thus indispensable to the Allied forces. In the wake of Chibitty’s death, we air excerpts from an interview KGOU’s Susan Shannon conducted with him in 2001 (4:00). Listen to the version of this piece that aired on the national radio program Weekend America.

or listen to the version that aired on KGOU:

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