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OKC Theater Hosts 9/11 Performance (Sep 06, 2006)
When Dallas actor, photographer and radio personality Mark Oristano returned to his native New York one month after the terrorist attacks of September 11th, 2001, he -- like many of us -- was still struggling to comprehend what had taken place. He spent several days wandering around downtown Manhattan, speaking to people and taking hundreds of pictures, but it was one particular photograph that sent him on a journey that would change his life. Now, five years later, Oristano has turned his experiences into a monologue that he'll perform at the Oklahoma City Repertory Theatre this Saturday. "And Crown Thy Good - A True Story of 9/11" chronicles one man's search for meaning in the rubble of Ground Zero, and the answers he found in the life of a man he never met. We speak with Oristano about his performance.

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