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Events in Israel and Lebanon Hit Close to Home for Two Oklahomans (Aug 10, 2006)
Israel announced Thursday that it will hold off until the weekend before launching another ground offensive into Lebanon. Senior government officials said they wanted to give ceasefire efforts another chance. Earlier this week, Israelís Security Cabinet approved an ongoing military push deeper north into the country, Israeli missiles hit Beirut proper for the first time, and Hezbollah claimed it destroyed 13 Israel tanks in south Lebanon.

As the events continue to capture daily, international headlines, KGOUís webmaster Tarek Dina is paying close attention from the safety of his home here in Norman. While on a recent trip with his wife to visit his family in northern Lebanon, he found himself trapped, with a war raging in the south and the airport runways bombed. We speak with Tarek about his evacuation by sea, and we also talk to Oklahoma City resident Michael Barlow, whoís been keeping in touch with family and friends in Israel.

Read a collection of e-mails Tarek sent while trying to escape Lebanon and view a slide show of photos he took of his journey home.

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