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Storm Warning: The Story of a Killer Tornado (Apr 04, 2007)
The metro has already experienced the chill of wailing tornado sirens this spring. Oklahomans grow up learning to recognize the sound of the siren, the hook echo of a Doppler radar on TV, and the voice of the NOAA Weather Radio.

One native Oklahoman has combined her journalistic experience with a fascination for the most severe storms on the planet in her new book, "Storm Warning: the Story of a Killer Tornado." Even though she wasnít living in Oklahoma at the time, Nancy Mathis closely followed the May third 1999 tornado outbreak in the state.

That day left her with many questions about the storm, the people who predicted it, and the people whose lives were forever changed on that day, but she is most interested in how each of us can stay safe during these killer storms, even the ones that hit the metro eight years ago.

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