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Flooding Destroys
Oklahoma Wheat Harvest (Aug 15, 2007)

Farmers across the state started out the season expecting a bumper crop, but heavy rains over the past several months have virtually obliterated the wheat in much of the region. Combined with spring freeze damage and disease, the flooding has destroyed the quality of the wheat by causing it to swell and sprout before it could be cut. For farmers in the few areas that didnít receive as much rain, the shortage has caused wheat prices to rise dramatically, but most growers are unable to benefit. Even those whose crops were insured say theyíre struggling this year to make ends meet. Wheat is Oklahomaís number one crop, and observers of the industry predict this yearís shortfall will have a trickle down effect on the rest of the economy.

We pay a visit to the field of Waukomis wheat farmer Brian Farber and speak with Tom McCreight, CEO of the Equity Marketing Alliance, which represents 4500 farmers across Oklahoma.

WEB EXTRA: See photos of what remains of Brian Farber's wheat crop

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