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Tapping into Oklahoma’s Wealth of Creativity (Apr 07, 2008)
Oklahoma’s one hundredth birthday has come and gone and the centennial celebrations have ended, so now what? As the state enters its second century, business and political leaders are looking to the future and trying to figure out how to use the strengths and ingenuity they say already exist in Oklahoma to put it ahead of the curve in commerce, culture and education.

We speak with Phil Moss, the Executive Director of Creative Oklahoma, which is behind the Oklahoma Creativity Project. Its goals include empowering Oklahomans to develop their capacities for innovation, facilitating the growth of an entrepreneurial economy to stimulate new careers and industries and encouraging the development of “world-class cultural and educational opportunities.” Central to those efforts is the creation of a social-networking website where the state’s creative minds can meet and share ideas.

Read the Oklahoma Creativity Project’s list of
“11 (or more) Things You Can Do To Promote Creativity”

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