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Joe Wertz: Darden Smith Live at the Blue Door (Oct 07, 2010)

Getting lost is just a part of life. After 15 years as a professional musician, Darden Smith looked around and wasn’t quite sure where he was. The Austin singer/songwriter questioned everything: himself, his career — his music.

That inner torment and crisis of purpose was woven into every fiber of Sunflower, Smith’s low-key 2002 album, which is among his finest. But while the specific conflicts heard on Sunflower have wilted a bit over the years, Smith is still struggling, and thankfully, singing about it.

Last week, Smith released Marathon, a 15-song album that proves he’s in it for the long haul. Smith is in Oklahoma City tonight for an 8 p.m. show at the Blue Door.

The album didn’t come about quickly — it wasn’t even Smith’s main focus. In fact, many of the songs were written while he worked on tracks for two other albums. But slowly, Marathon plodded along and picked up momentum.

Smith even developed a script from the songs, which were adapted into a series of workshop performances and a theatrical stage show with spoken-word interludes.

But things will be a bit more stripped-down for tonight’s Blue Door show, which is part of the first leg of Smith’s Marathon support tour. True to its name, the Marathon tour is a long haul that will keep the Austin musician on the road well into 2011.

For the Oklahoma Gazette, Central Oklahoma's independent weekly, I'm Joe Wertz.

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