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Earthquake Near Norman Believed to be Aftershock (Oct 19, 2010)

NORMAN, Okla. (AP) - A magnitude 2.8 earthquake centered near Norman is believed to be the latest aftershock from a quake recorded last week in the area.

The quake recorded seven miles southeast of Norman at 12:53 p.m. Tuesday was initially reported as a 2.6 magnitude by the Oklahoma Geological Survey. No injuries or damage was reported.

OGS research scientist Amie Gibson says the quake is likely an aftershock from a small to moderate quake that shook the area on Wednesday. At least two other aftershocks from last week's quake have been recorded.

Gibson said recent seismic activity in neighboring Arkansas makes it difficult to know precisely how many aftershocks can be attributed to Wednesday's earthquake.

Quakes of magnitude 2.5 to 3 are generally the smallest felt by people. Gibson said about 40 people have reported feeling Tuesday's quake.

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