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Most State Board of Education Members Support SQ 744 (Oct 21, 2010)

All but one member of the state Board of Education today said they will vote for State Question 744. The proposal would force the state of Oklahoma to fund public schools at the per-pupil average of surrounding states.

The five members announced their support following their monthly board meeting in Oklahoma City. Tim Gilpin, Herb Rozell, Sue Arnn, Gail Foresee and Gayle Miles-Scott told reporters the all plan to vote, "Yes," on the state question. The only other board member, Betsy Mabry, said she has not made up her mind on the proposal.

Opponents of SQ 744 say its passage would cause a reduction in funding of other state government agencies.

But Gilpin says there are millions of dollars in tax credits the state hands out that could be used to increase the amount of money going to public schools.

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