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No Surprises at State Chamber Gubernatorial Debate (Oct 26, 2010)

Once again few major differences emerged between the two candidates for governor during a forum before state business leaders today in Oklahoma City.

Democratic Lt. Gov. Jari Askins and Republican Congresswoman Mary Fallin each presented a variety of ways they say would improve the state’s economy if elected next Tuesday. But they also acknowledged an anticipated 1-billion dollar budget shortfall will make economic development plans difficult to complete.

Askins says she has no pre-conceived notions of which agencies will take the greatest budget cut. She says every program is fair game, and every service is in danger of being trimmed, cut back or totally eliminated.

Fallin says she will “right size” state government by going line-by-line in the budget to see what is and is not necessary.

Both candidates also say they support further funding for investment in high-technology jobs and a pool of money the governor can use to help close business deals when there is competition from other states. The noon forum was sponsored by the State Chamber of Oklahoma.

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