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Governor Continues to Oppose Education Funding State Question (Oct 27, 2010)

One of the most high profile opponents of State Question 744 reiterated his concerns over the proposal to a group of Oklahoma City business leaders.

Gov. Brad Henry told members of the Greater Oklahoma City Chamber his decision to join the opposition to State Question 744 made sense from a policy perspective, but was personally difficult.

Voters go to the polls Tuesday to decide the measure, which would fund public schools at the average level of surrounding states within three years. But despite his disapproval, Governor Henry told the audience if the question fails, it does not relieve them of their responsibility to help improve Oklahoma’s public schools.

“Democrats, Republicans, business leaders, education leaders and others, we need to sit down and talk about how we fund some of the reforms that we passed just last session,” Henry said.

Supporters of State Question 744 say politicians have failed to keep their promises to increase funding for schools. They also say getting rid of tax credits for a variety of industries could go a long way to pay for the plan.

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