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Poll: Oklahomans "Red" and Proud (Nov 23, 2010)
Oklahoma City - The marketing firm Saxum today released poll data gauging candidate and party approval ratings in the state following the elections earlier this month, showing big problems for the national Democratic Party in Oklahoma.

Among the more interesting findings was that three out of four Oklahoma Republicans and one-third of Democrats agreed when asked if being the reddest state in the nation is something they’re proud of.

The poll also showed higher approval ratings for local political parties and candidates as opposed to their national counterparts. As an example: Democratic Governor Brad Henry has a 70 percent approval rating in the state, but President Barack Obama has a 71 percent disapproval rating.

As far as the federal changes to the health care system, 76 percent of Oklahoma Republicans say repealing the health care law should be the top priority of the next governor and legislature. Almost half of the state’s Democrat’s, 49 percent, agree.

Saxum President and CEO Renzi Stone says the results indicate a need for the national Democratic Party to improve their branding and public perception.

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