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Sen. Inhofe Jabs at U.N. Climate Gathering (Dec 03, 2010)

Even though the U.N. weather agency says 2010 is “almost certain” to rank among the three hottest years on record, U.S. Sen. Jim Inhofe is continuing his criticism of ongoing global climate talks.

Inhofe recorded a video statement to support members of Americans for Prosperity who are in Cancun protesting at the U-N Climate Change Conference.

"The fact is nothing is going to happen in Cancun this year and everybody knows it," Inhofe said. "I couldn’t be happier and poor Al Gore couldn’t be more upset."

The World Meteorological Organization says global temperatures during 2001-to-2010 are the highest recorded for any 10-year period since the beginning of climate records in 1850.

In data released yesterday at global climate talks in Cancun, the WMO said this year's temperatures through October were at near-record levels.


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