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UPDATE: Senate Rejects Inhofe Treaty Amendment (Dec 21, 2010)
President Barack Obama is moving closer to gaining Senate approval of a major arms control treaty with Russia as the Senate Tuesday afternoon voted to close out debate on the accord, setting the stage for ratification.

Almost a dozen Republicans joined all the Democrats in calling for an end to the debate, but that group doesn’t include Oklahoma’s Senators, Republicans Jim Inhofe and Tom Coburn, who both voted no.

An amendment offered by Senator Jim Inhofe was overwhelmingly defeated yesterday. Inhofe,who serves on both the Armed Services and Foreign Relations committees, says the New START Treaty fails to provide enough monitoring.

"There are only 180 inspections that are authorized by, by the New START Treaty, and that’s over a 10 year period," Inhofe said. "So, we’re talking about 18 per year, versus the 600 inspections over 15 years in START 1."

Speaking on the floor of the U-S Senate Monday, Inhofe said a reduction in the number of nuclear weapons and supporting facilities actually requires more scrutiny. His amendment would have tripled the number of inspections.


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