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UPDATE: OHP Vows "No Tolerance" for Unsafe Drivers (Dec 28, 2010)

“No tolerance” is the phrase the Oklahoma Highway Patrol officials are using to describe what will happen to drivers who fail to wear their seat belts or who drink and drive.

New data from the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety says 10 percent of drivers admitted to getting behind the wheel in 2010 even if they thought their blood alcohol was above the legal limit.  AAA Oklahoma spokesman Chuck Mai says there are about 2.5 times as many fatal car accident on New Year’s Eve than the same day of the week in the time surrounding the holiday.

Troopers will be out in force over the holiday weekend to keep an eye out for unsafe drivers.

The Department of Public Safety says last year about 29 percent of all fatality crashes involved alcohol.

OHP spokesman Capt. Chris West says Oklahoma is on its way to a 10-year low in the number of traffic fatalities. He says it’s up to drivers to use caution in the waning days of the year to keep 20-10’s traffic deaths low.

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