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Human Rights Groups Warn Against Tighter Immigration Laws (Jan 05, 2011)

A coalition of state human rights groups is urging state lawmakers to stay away from Arizona-style immigration laws.

The League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) says it is looking for someone at the state Capitol who will protect Oklahomans from what they call “hateful legislation.”

Ed Romo is vice president for LULAC’s local organization. He says anti-14th Amendment Legislation, which is expected to be filed this legislative session, is “sinful and too repulsive to even being a conversation on how to begin to reform immigration.”

Some groups are preparing for a possible boycott of Oklahoma if tougher immigration laws win approval. But Romo says he would rather see a “buy-cott” that recognizes the purchasing power of Latino residents.

State House Speaker Kris Steele says the legislature is checking with law enforcement to see what kinds of problems there are with illegal immigration.

Senate President Pro Temp. Brian Bingman also says the immigration problem in Oklahoma needs to be identified, and that he is open to an Arizona-like immigration proposal.

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