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Indian Times: Cherokee Court Removes Ban On Freedmen Enrollment (Jan 15, 2011)

This week on Indian Times, Cherokee Nation District Court Judge John Cripps overturned the amendment that banned the descendants of former slaves from tribal membership unless they had Cherokee blood. We’ll hear some comments from Marilyn Vann, President of the Freedmen of the Five Civilized Tribes Association.
Glenn Coffee has been appointed Secretary of State by Governor-elect Fallin, this makes Coffee her liaison to Oklahoma’s tribal nations.
Scholarship & Internship Opportunities:
The Native American Congressional Internship is a 10-week summer fully funded internship in Washington D.C. Deadline for this is Jan 28.
The Udall Scholarship is a $5000 scholarship awarded to 80 undergraduate sophomores and juniors pursuing careers related to Tribal Public policy, native health care or the environment.  Deadline for this is March 2nd.   For both of these opportunities call Mia Ibarra of the Udall Foundation in Tuscan, Arizona at 520-901-8564.

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