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Garrett Says She Didn't Ask That E-Mail Be Deleted (Feb 07, 2011)

NORMAN, Okla. (AP) - Former state Superintendent Sandy Garrett says she didn't tell an Oklahoma Department of Education employee to delete her e-mail account and says she's positive those e-mails can be retrieved.

Garrett told The Associated Press on Saturday that she believes that "history is well-preserved" concerning her 20 years as Oklahoma's top education official and that she's proud of that.

Her assertion is in contrast to that of two state records custodians, who told the AP that Garrett did order the deletion of her account. Such an order would have violated a state directive and cost researchers access to significant historical records of the longtime superintendent.

Garrett says she printed out copies of such correspondence since she began using e-mail and that those hard copies are on file at the Education Department.

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