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Lawmaker Wants Penaty for Missing Ed Deadline (Mar 08, 2011)

OKLAHOMA CITY - A self-imposed deadline ignored by most sessions of the state legislature could come with a penalty in the future, as one House member wants to hit lawmakers in their wallets.

State Representative Danny Morgan filed an amendment today that would deduct one day’s pay from legislators’ salaries for each day they miss the April first deadline for getting an education budget to the governor.

The legislature approved the deadline in 2003, but met it only a single time. That was in 2004. April first was selected because it is 10 days before the traditional deadline for school districts to prepare teacher contracts for the next school year.

Morgan says his amendment is a good way for lawmakers to hold themselves accountable.

Last week House Speaker Chris Steele said funding education is a priority, but he was uncertain whether or not the legislature can meet the deadline.

by Kurt Gwartney


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