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U.S. Rep. John Sullivan Bucks Delegation, Leadership on CR (Mar 16, 2011)

The U.S. House passed a measure Tuesday blending $6 billion in budget cuts with enough money to keep the federal government running for an additional three weeks. All but one of the members of Oklahoma’s congressional delegation voted for the proposal as federal budget negotiations continue.

During a speech on the House floor, Oklahoma Republican Tom Cole called for the passage of a budget to fund day-to-day government operations through September, but nonetheless touted the short-term continuing resolution passed Tuesday.

“It cuts and reduces 25 programs. It eliminates $2.6 billion in earmarks. And by itself is one of the largest cuts any CR has ever administered,” Cole said. “ It buys time, but it also keeps the government running, and it keeps us on course to reduce spending at $2 billion a week.”

Cole, fellow Republicans James Lankford and Frank Lucas and lone Oklahoma Democrat Dan Boren all voted for the measure, but Republican John Sullivan did not, saying the country’s problems require long-term solutions and he wasn’t elected to kick the can down the road.

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