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Oklahoma Voices: State Begins Response to Federal Clean Air Rules (Mar 28, 2011)

The Oklahoma Corporation Commission recently invited representatives of electrical utilities, industry, government and individual citizens to speak on proposed federal rules intended to clear the air.

The Environmental Protection Agency has approved and, at the same time, disapproved parts of a haze reduction proposal, called a State Implementation Plan or SIP, from the Oklahoma Dept. of Environmental Quality.

Electric utilities argue the new federal rules will increase costs for consumers, while supporters say the three coal-fired plants targeted in Oklahoma need to reduce their emissions.

Speaking at the meeting as aired by KGOU are:

Corporation Commission Chairwoman Dana Murphy
Corporation Commissioner Bob Anthony
Corporation Commissioner Jeff Cloud
Attorney General Scott Pruitt
Public Service Company of Oklahoma: Bud Ground
OG&E: Bill Bullard
Secretary of Environment Gary Sherrer
Calpine: Brett Kerr
Oklahoma Sierra Club: Whitney Pearson
Center for Energy Matters: Rosemary Crawford
Oklahoma Corporation Commission Public Utility Division Director David Dykeman

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