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Fallin Defends Support for Okla Insurance Exchange (Mar 28, 2011)

OKLAHOMA CITY - Governor Mary Fallin took time to talk with reporters at the state Capitol Monday. She began by outlining the progress she says is being made on her conservative agenda.

The governor, who is receiving criticism from some Republicans for taking money from the federal Affordable Care Act to create a health insurance exchange, is making the case for her actions with state lawmakers.

She says if the state doesn’t implement the exchange, the federal government will.

“I told the legislators, I said ‘if you do nothing to prepare a report to send to the Obama administration by 2013, then in essence you’re voting for Obamacare in Oklahoma’, because it will come here based upon the current federal law.”

Fallin met today with members of the Republican caucuses of the state House and Senate.

The governor says state Health Commissioner Terry Cline has been having meetings across the state about the healthcare exchange.

The House has already approved a measure that would create an advisory board to help create an insurance information exchange.

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