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Fall 2006 ~ Episode 6 (Dec 18, 2006)
On Assignment: Radioís final broadcast of the 2006 Fall Semester, our reporters flex their journalistic muscles as we give them the freedom to report on a story of their choice. Kristen Carey celebrates her graduation by telling the story of one girl who began college disastrously Ė drinking, partying too much, and eventually flunking out. After spending several semesters in community college, however, this storyís protagonist turned her life completely, and this December will earn her second of two degrees, and a minor, from the University of Oklahoma. Brian Hardzinski examines OUís Expository Writing Program. Designed specifically for freshmen and modeled after a similar program at Harvard, these writing-intensive classes offer topics as diverse as Modern Monsters, the World of Sound, and Gossip, Rumor and Urban Legend. And Jeremy Scott follows a local stand-up comedian on the road as he performs around the Southwest. We find out in-depth about the culture of what are known in the comedy world as ďhell gigsĒ, and hear some of the horror stories that comics encounter on the road. Assignment: Radio will return to the airwaves next spring with a whole new team of reporters. From Brian, Jeremy, and Kristen, thank you for listening to KGOUís student-produced public affairs radio program.

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