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Fall 2006 ~ Episode 4 (Nov 21, 2006)
The 'word of the day' on Assignment: Radio this week is 'green', as we present a series of stories that all have this electrifying color in common.
Kristen Carey examines the psychological difference between envy and jealousy, and finds out how Shakespeare’s “Green-Eyed Monster” affects college students.
Brian Hardzinski heads out and about with two student entrepreneurs who devote their free time to caring about the environment. Kalin Morrow and Ryan Wood started GreenStreet, LLC, a private curbside recycling business that gives Norman residents a convenience otherwise not available.
And Jeremy Scott sits down with Chris Dowell, a Norman resident and aspiring comedian who is affected by red-green colorblindness. Listen for a humorous anecdote about some interesting color combinations in Chris’ wardrobe!

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