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Spring 2007 - Episode 6 (May 17, 2007)
On Assignment: Radio's final broadcast of the 2007 spring semester, our student producers flex their journalistic muscles and report on a story of their choosing. Jerry Wofford sits down for a one-on-one interview with noted OU forensic anthropologist Clyde Snow. Dr. Snow spent extensive time in Argentina investigating mass graves during their civil war, and has also testified in the trials of several notable war criminals. Morgan Fenn looks at how to protect yourself from the harmful effects of UV radiation during the summer, and tells the story of one student who overcame, and is still affected by, her own battle with skin cancer. Jarrel Wade takes a look around campus shortly before OU's graduation, and talks with several OU students who are putting their days as Sooners behind them, and what they leave with or leave behind at the University of Oklahoma. And Brian Hardzinski presents an in-depth report on Canadian filmmaker Paul Saltzman, who shares the magical, mysterious tour de force of his time spent in India with some of the world's most famous musicians.

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