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Above Average Number of Tornadoes So Far in Okla (May 31, 2011)

NORMAN, Okla. (AP) — A meteorologist with the federal government's Storm Prediction Center says Oklahoma has seen an above-average number of tornadoes so far in 2011.

According to preliminary data from the agency, there have been 63 reports of tornadoes in Oklahoma from January through Monday.

Greg Carbin, the warning coordination meteorologist at the Storm Prediction Center, says he believes the 63 number includes duplicate reports. He says final tornado numbers for January to May will probably be in the 55-to-60 range.

That would still be above the historical average of 37 tornadoes for the time period.

The highest number of Oklahoma tornadoes from January to May occurred in 1999, when the National Weather Service in Norman says there were 116 tornadoes.

May is typically the most active month for tornadoes in Oklahoma.

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