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Spring 2008 Episode 6 ~ Reporter's Choice (May 12, 2008)
On Assignment: Radio's final episode of the 2008 Spring Semester, our reporters are given the freedom to report on a story of their choice. Ashley Southern sits down with one soon-to-be Norman High School graduate to find out the hopes, fears, and dreams of the next generation of college students. Lisa Janssen presents a one-on-one interview with Oklahoman editor Ed Kelley. Kelley discusses his beginnings with the paper, the future of media convergence, and his experiences with the Oklahoma City Bombing, as well as what the newspaper learned about future disaster coverage. Cara Bailey talks with two students who recently returned from studying abroad in Latin America, and they describe their adaptation to an entirely new culture, as well as their new understanding of the differences between different cultures in the region, and how they relate that to their experience in the U.S. And departing host Brian Hardzinski presents a retrospective of his past two-and-a-half years working at KGOU, what he'll leave the station with, as well as his goals for the future. Listen to this entire Assignment: Radio program:

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