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Fall 2009 Episode 3 ~ Hard News Stories (Nov 15, 2009)
In this week's Assignment: Radio, KGOU's student reporters take on big issues with big voices, from weather abnormalities to flu pandemics. First, Kristin Mason speaks with several meteorology experts on the current El Niño phenomenon, just what exactly it is, and how it will affect Oklahoma's weather for the upcoming winter season. Phil Rodriguez takes to the campus of the University of Oklahoma to find out what students are saying about the H1N1 scare, and what preventions they may, or may not, be taking. And a spokesperson from the Oklahoma State Department of Health offers his insights on how students are approaching the "Swine Flu." In the continuation of our Assignment: Radio - The Classics series, we bring back a couple of stories from former Assignment: Radio student reporters. Lisa Janssen takes us back to the spring of 2008, when Molly Shi Boren began a campaign to replant trees damaged by the ice storm of the 07-08 winter. And Katrina Smith tells us about the restoration of the M.P. Möller pipe organ which now sits in Paul F. Sharp Concert Hall. The antique organ was received as a gift, and is a part of the University of Oklahoma's nationally recognized American Organ Institute. Web Extras: El Niño Resources and Links: KOCO Weather Blog Article about El Nino's affect on Oklahoma H1N1 Links: The Center for Disease Control's Official Website The Oklahoma State Department of Health's H1N1 Webpage Oklahoma H1N1 Hotline: 1-866-278-7134 Spring 2008 Reforestation Links: An article about the reforestation campaign from Spring 2008 The OU 3/4 Möller Pipe Organ Links: Several different press releases on the gala held for the Möller pipe organ

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