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Fall 2009 Episode 2 ~ One on One Interviews (Nov 01, 2009)
On the second episode of Assignment: Radio for the Fall 2009 season, KGOU's new student reporters get a chance to interview Norman's most intriguing characters. Kristin Mason speaks with William Murray Tabb, a professor at the OU College of Law, about his newly acquired David Ross Boyd Professorship. The Professorship is very prestigious, and Tabb speaks on what it means for him, his family, and his teaching. Then, Phil Rodriguez sits down with Mike Hosty, a guitarist and singer who performs both as a one man band and as part of the Hosty Duo. Hosty has been a part of the Norman music scene for quite some time, and here he speaks about his experiences as a musician and what drives him, amongst other things. And as part of our Assignment: Radio - The Classics series, we feature an interview by Jerry Wofford with Clyde Snow, a world-famous forensic anthropologist. Dr. Snow has been involved in various skeletal identifications, and his work has taken him everywhere from identifying mass graves in Argentina to assisting authorities after the Oklahoma City Bombing in 1995. This is from the Spring 2007 season.

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