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One on One Interviews (Apr 02, 2010)
On this episode of Assignment: Radio, we sit down with three people who have made an impact on the OU and Norman communities. Will Holland interviews OU physics professor Kieran Mullen, who became a minor Internet celebrity when a video of him doing an in-class demonstration was posted on YouTube. Mullen explains why he did the demonstration and talks about his teaching philosophy. Then Clark Foy talks with Matt Runkle, one of the founders of Native Roots Market, a locally-owned grocery store in downtown Norman. Runkle, an OU graduate and Norman native, discusses how the philosophy of Native Roots is unlike that of typical grocery stores. And finally, Aaron Woolley sits down with Chris Borthick, an OU academic adviser who participates in ghost hunts during his spare time. Borthickís interest in the paranormal recently landed him on a national TV show about ghost hunting.

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