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Former Prison Warden to Testify in Trial (Aug 18, 2011)

MANGUM, Okla. (AP) — A Texas woman who befriended a former prison warden's wife on trial for allegedly aiding a convicted killer's escape says she feared the inmate and was concerned about the Oklahoma woman's safety.

Eighty-one-year-old Jon Gatlin testified Thursday in the trial of Bobbi Parker, who is accused of helping Randolph Dial break out of the Oklahoma State Reformatory in 1994. Parker's husband, Randy Parker, was assistant warden at the time.

Gatlin called Dial an "egomaniac" who constantly suggested he would harm Bobbi Parker. She says she was relieved when Dial was arrested in 2005.

Defense attorneys allege Dial drugged, kidnapped and raped Bobbi Parker before they were found at a Campti, Texas, chicken farm in2005.

Randy Parker is scheduled to take the witness stand either Thursday or Friday.

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