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State Lawmakers Looking to Target Meth Cooks (Oct 07, 2011)

OKLAHOMA CITY - Two state lawmakers said Friday they plan to file legislation that would impose further restrictions on the sale of pseudoephedrine.

State Rep. Steve Vaughan’s (R-Ponca City) legislation would target persons attempting to buy more than the legal limit of 9 grams per month, or 3.6 grams per day. Anyone attempting to purchase more than the legal limit would be prohibited from buying any pseudoephedrine for at least another 72 hours.

A colleague of Vaughn’s from across the aisle plans to introduce a bill during the 2012 legislative session that would make pseudoephedrine in the tablet form a Schedule III drug.

Under Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics rules, Schedule III drugs may be refilled five times without a new physician’s visit. State Rep. Ben Sherrer’s (D-Chouteau) measure would not apply to gel cap or liquid forms of pseudoephedrine.

He says it’s no longer enough to simply limit the amount of pseudoephedrine that one person can obtain within a given time period. He says criminals using others to purchase pseudoephedrine for them brings more people into the crime of manufacturing a dangerous substance.


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