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AMR Bankruptcy Could Affect Okla. Workers' Pay (Nov 29, 2011)

OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) - Workers at the American Airlines maintenance facility in Tulsa say their salaries and benefits could be at risk now that the airline's parent company is seeking bankruptcy protection.

AMR Corp., which owns American, filed for bankruptcy on Tuesday. Rick Mullings is international organizer for the Transport Workers Union of America Local 514. He says he's concerned about the impact bankruptcy could have on the 5,600 union workers at American's maintenance facility.

Mullings says bankruptcy is always hard on workers.

The union's vice president, Mike McDonald, says workers are concerned about what bankruptcy will do to the union's labor agreement with American. Mullings says union members, pilots and flight attendants have already given back $1 billion a year in salaries and benefits to help the company deal with debt.


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