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World Views: Leila Ahmed on the Veil's Resurgence (Jan 16, 2012)
Suzette Grillot joins us via Skype from Italy, and she’ll talk with Monica Sharp and Zach Messitte about the border crisis in the new Republic of South Sudan. The panel also discusses the controversy surrounding U.S. Marines desecrating the corpses of Taliban fighters, and asks some questions about Kim Jong Un -- the new leader of North Korea.

Harvard Divinity School professor Leila Ahmed grew up in Cairo among a generation of women that dismissed traditional veils and headscarves as an unnecessary to modern life and Islamic piety. She joins World Views for a conversation on the Islamic resurgence of the last half-century -- and the role of Muslim women. Her latest book A Quiet Revolution explores the hijab’s resurgence in both the Middle East and America.

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